Dugan, a 4 month old Dachshund/Terrier Mix available for adoption

This is one fun little pup… He’s energetic, fun-filled and sweet, with a love for any toy he meets.  Dugan currently weighs around 15 pounds, so I would imagine he’ll grow to be around 25 before he’s finished.  He’s a great size for most yards and homes and he’ll entertain you for hours with his goofy personality.

He is a pup through-and-through, and he can be a pain in the neck for older dogs, but if you’ve got some fellow “players” in the house, Dugan will be an instant hit.

He’s a little on the shy side with kids until he gets to know them, but once he does – he’ll steal every toy they own while the kids chase him through the yard trying to get them back.  “Keep away” is one of his favorite games!

He still has his baby teeth and he can play pretty rough sometimes, but with a little gentle training I have no doubt he’ll be the perfect fit and almost any home where he gets enough attention and playtime.

As a puppy, Dugan will need something to keep him entertained while you’re away from home – and what better toy than another pup?  Right now, Archie is his best buddy – but, he and Charm can be found dragging toys through the house during the day, too – and all three seem to get along great.

Here is some additional information on our adoptable dogs:

  • Dugan and the other fosters here are only available to homes in the Phoenix area.
  • We don’t crate our dogs, and we don’t adopt out to families that do.
  • Dugan has been neutered and is up to date on all of his shots.

Dugan is a real sweetheart and ALL puppy – So, if you find that you can’t stop thinking about this adorable pup, join the club!  Just call or email me and we’ll figure out a time for you two to meet each other!

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About Don @ Urban Rescues

Don Mertes, a lifelong animal lover, has dedicated his time and marketing strategies along with a large percentage of his profits in real estate sales to Urban Rescues, a non-profit dog rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. His experiences include fostering, writing, and creating unforgettable videos for the pets he saves and contributing these talents to other Arizona rescues.
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2 Responses to Dugan, a 4 month old Dachshund/Terrier Mix available for adoption

  1. Jennifer says:

    Is this dog, Dugan (4 month old dox pit bull mix) still looking for a home.